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The Krietz Story

The Krietz Auto Family has been serving the Frederick community since 1983, and they continue to serve with as much passion now as they did when they started.

Charles R. Krietz Jr. & Kimberly A. Krietz


The Story
About Krietz Customs

Building on the Krietz brand, known throughout the Frederick community for top-quality service and expertise in the automotive field, Krietz Customs has been in operation since 2016. We are the newest division of Krietz Auto Repair and Sales, and as such, we know the lineage of which we are a part. Instead of thinking about Krietz Customs as a business, we think of it as a means to help people, guiding them through the customization process and following through on the plans and visions they have created for themselves.

Corey and Whitney Krietz started developing the concept that would turn into Krietz Customs. First selling lifted vehicles through the auto sales division at Krietz Auto, we oversaw scores of countless lift customizations, consistently delivering world-class trucks and jeeps that stand out on the road for all the right reasons.

As our reputation grew through our work on lifted trucks and jeeps, we got a broader perspective ofthe accessorization and customization possibilities that were out there. We were selling more and more custom trucks and jeeps all the time. Before long, we had assembled an entire shop and team around our work, turning the once-small initiative into a major operation worthy of the Krietz name. The word spread: people came from far and wide to check out the trucks and jeeps that we had for sale.

After two years as our own division, we started to work hand-in-hand with our guests. That was 2018. We found that when we spoke to people directly, asking them what they had in mind for their trucks and jeeps, their eyes lit up. It was clear that many people wanted to play a more active role in the customization experience. We were working with lifts, wheels, tires, and other after-market accessories. Once again, we grew rapidly, expanding to include a team of after- market specialists who would liaise with customers to recommend customization options and guide them through our process. From there, we took our show on the road. Krietz Customs started to appear at major truck and vehicle shows along the East Coast, including Motorama, OCMD Cruisin' Week, and Truck Nationals.

In 2019, we got our own showroom. Customers could come in to see our work in person, dropping in on their own schedules or setting up an appointment for a consultation with one of our after-market specialists. This added another dimension to our customization service, empowering our guests to educate themselves before they made any decisions about what they wanted.

Now, Krietz Customs has expanded into the national market. We are offering our after-market parts and accessories to people in all fifty states, through our e-commerce site. While Krietz Customs continues to build and customize lifted trucks and jeeps in Frederick, we are reaching out to those who can't make it into our showroom - so that anyone can tap into the exciting work that we are doing.

Just like every other division at Krietz Auto, this is about more than cars for us. When you come to Krietz Customs, you are family.

Thank You

I wish to personally thank each of my loyal customers in Frederick, MD and the surrounding local communities. Without your continued patronage and referrals, there would not be a Krietz Auto. My family and I are both grateful and humbled by the opportunity to keep your family’s vehicles on the road for so many years!My next milestone is 40 years.

I will be quite old, but I hope to have even more grandchildren helping me in some way in the business. I have truly surpassed my vision from 35 years ago. It has been many long hours and some sleepless nights, but “Wow! Look at me now!” We look forward to seeing you again soon at Krietz Auto!

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