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What is a Forged Wheel?

If you really want to make your truck stand out, then you want to get a great set of wheels. Serious truck drivers who want both performance and looks will often opt for forged wheels. So what exactly are forged wheels? Here, we will explain what forged wheels are, their differences from other types of wheels, major forged wheels manufactures and forged wheel care and maintenance. 

How is a Forged Wheel Different From Other Wheels?

A forged wheel is manufactured from a large block of metal or a billet. The large chunk of metal is heated to an extreme temperature and pressurized during the production process. This unique process is designed to give a forged wheel great strength and a light weight that leads to better performance. Here’s a look at the specific differences between a forged wheel and traditional cast wheels. 

  • Longer manufacturing process 

It takes a longer time to produce a forged wheel due to the specialized process. In many cases, a forged wheel has to be custom ordered. Because of this, you usually will not be buying a forged wheel “off the shelf.” 

  • More dense 

Because a forged wheel is manufactured from one solid piece of metal, it will be more dense than a typical cast wheel. Overall, the wheel will have greeted grain refinement which will make it stronger than a cast wheel. 

  • Lighter

A forged is not just stronger, it is also lighter than cast wheels. This makes forged wheels a great choice for those who want enhanced performance on their truck. Usually, a forged wheel is about 20% to 25% lighter than a cast wheel. 

  • Better wear resistance

Because of the unique manufacturing process, a forged wheel will offer better wear resistance. This may be important for truck owners who take their vehicles off-road or if owners use their vehicles for extreme situations. 

  • More expensive 

Finally, forged wheels are going to be more expensive than cast wheels. However, the long life and enhanced performance makes forged wheels an excellent value among many truck drivers. 

Costs Associated with Forged Wheels 

You may be wondering how much forged wheels cost. To help you get a good idea on current forged wheel prices, here’s a look at some current costs from several major forged wheel manufacturers. Note that all prices are per wheel.

American Force

American Force is one of the leading manufacturers of forged wheels. They provide forged wheels for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, and SUVs. Here’s a look at prices of some current American Force wheels:

  • 24X14 American Force Trax SS8 Series Gloss Black Wheels with Machined Windows – $1,195
  • 30X16 American Force CKH01 Morph Polished 8X170 -112MM – $2,743 
  • 22X12 American Force Trax Wheels – $788

Fuel Off-Road

Fuel Off-Road specializes in forged cast wheels for off-road trucks and SUVs. Fuel forged wheels are machine from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy mono-block forgings and come in 20 inch through 30 inch diameter selections. Here’s a look at the current prices on some of their top selling forged wheels:

  • 26X16 Fuel Forged FFC39 Black and Milled spoke edges and polished lip- $2,113
  • 22X12 Fuel Forged FF45 Black and Milled – $929
  • 22X12 Fuel Forged FF19 Polished – $829

Hostile Wheels 

Hostile Wheels designs and builds custom forged wheels for trucks. In addition to forged wheels, Hostile Wheels also manufacturers cast and UTV wheels. Here’s a look at the prices of some of their most popular forged wheels:

  • 22X12 Hostile HF02 Superbest – $883
  • 22X14 Hostile HF08 Savage – $1,017
  • 24X14 Hostile HF04 Punisher – $1,072

Other Costs for Forged Wheels

In addition to the price of the wheel itself, there may be some other costs associated with getting forged wheels for your truck:

  • Installation – If you don’t have the equipment to install the wheel, then you will want to have it professionally installed. 
  • Sanding – Over time, your forged wheels may get gravel damage which will require sanding work for full restoration. 
  • Detailing – You may want to have your forged wheels professionally detailed to make it look its best. 
  • Minor repairs – From bent rims to rim rashes, you may need to occasionally spend a little to have your forged wheels repaired. 

Extra Care for Forged Wheels

Since forged wheels are custom made and more expensive than cast wheels, you will want to take some extra care to ensure that they look their best and stand the test of time. Here’s a look at how to care for specific types of forged wheels

Polished Aluminum Surface

  1. Make sure that the wheels are cool to the touch before cleaning.
  2. Use a high pressure washer to clean dirt and debris from the wheel.
  3. Remove any extra dirt or debris from the wheel with a microfibre cloth with soap.
  4. Rinse soap from the wheel.
  5. Gently dry the wheel with a microfiber cloth.
  6. If you need to restore the wheel, then use a fine metal polish paste. 

Powder Coated and Brushed Cleared Surface 

  1. Make sure that your wheels are cool to the touch before cleaning.
  2. Rinse the wheel with a high pressure washer. Be sure to remove the lug nut since brake dust can collect in the crevices. 
  3. Use a soft microfibre cloth with soap to clean the powder coated areas. Avoid using any rim cleaner with harsh chemicals.
  4. Rinse any soap away from the wheel.
  5. Dry the wheels with a microfibre towel. 

What is sanding a forged wheel? 

Your wheel may encounter some gravel and other types of minor damage when driving off-road or through adverse conditions. When that happens, your forged wheel will lose some of its luster. You can remove the gravel damage and restore the vehicle’s original look by using fine sandpaper to clean off the affected areas. If you are unfamiliar with sanding a forged wheel, then you can have it professionally done for you. 

How often should you clean your forged wheels?

It is a good idea to clean your wheels at least once every two weeks. However, if you have just taken your truck off-road, then it is a good idea to, at the very least, give your wheels a wash with a pressure washer. This will prevent dust and dirt build up from adversely affecting the finish of the wheel. 

Forged Wheels for Your Vehicle 

Forged wheels can be a great addition to your truck where you are looking for style or performance. Be sure to compare the top forged wheel manufacturers and consider everything from style to functionality. Forged wheels can be one of the top aftermarket additions that you could consider for your truck today. 

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