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Leveling Kit Vs. Lift Kit: What You Need to Know

Whether you are looking to get more capability or head turning looks for your truck, there is a mod for that. In fact both leveling kits and lift kits have become more and more popular. Which one is right for your truck?

In this review, we will take a look at both leveling and lift kits. Each section will detail the appearance, equipment, capability, cost and other information about these popular truck modifications.

Leveling Kits

When you look at a stock truck, you will notice that the bed sits about an inch or two higher than the nose. This can create a slightly awkward low “nose rake.” This is especially true if there is no cargo in the bed of the truck. To help make a truck appear more level, a leveling kit will raise the front of the truck by one to two and a half inches. Thus, the truck will be level on both the front and the back.

How it looks different compared to a stock truck

Compared to a stock truck, both the front and the back of a truck with a leveling kit will appear at the same height. 

Benefits of a leveling kit

A leveling kit offers you two basic benefits. First, a leveling kit enhances the appearance of your truck. A second benefit of a leveling kit is that you can accommodate larger tires in the front. With a 2.5 inch leveling kit, you should be able to accommodate up to 33 inch tires.

Overview of parts involved

Overall, the parts involved in a leveling kit are not that extensive. That’s because the leveling kit is only concentrating on one part of the truck. Here’s a look at the types of parts usually installed in typical leveling kits.

  • Coil spring spacers kit – With this type of leveling kit, coil spring spacers are added to the top or the bottom of the spring buckets.  Some coil spring spacer kits will come with rear blocks.
  • Torsion key bars – With torsion key bars, you will be replacing some factory equipment so it will be a more involved process. The leveling kit bars are designed to be more sturdier than the OEM key bars and thus will be able to handle the extra lift.
  • Strut extensions – As the name implies, strut extensions simply extend the length of the struts. All you need to do is install the extensions at the end of your truck’s front struts. So which one of these leveling kit types should you choose? The torsion key
  • Bar leveling kits – will provide you with more sturdiness. However, torsion key bar leveling keys will involve more installation work. If you are looking for a simple way to level your truck, then you will want to opt for the coil spring spacer or strut extension leveling kits.

Pricing generic overview on leveling kits

So how much do leveling kits cost? The good news is that leveling kits are much less expensive than lift kits since there are less parts involved. Here’s a look at leveling kits from three popular aftermarket sellers and their prices.


At BDS Suspension, you can find 2-inch suspension kits for about $149.99. These strut mount kits are designed to fit GMC/Sierra truck models from model year 2007 to 2014. This leveling kit can be installed in about three hours with a difficulty rating of three on a scale of one to five.

Rough Country

Rough Country offers a 2-inch Ford leveling kit designed for the 2021 Ford F-150 for $99.95. That price includes free shipping. This coil spring spacers kit can allow you to accommodate up to 33 inch tires. The kit also includes a set of rear blocks.


ReadyLift offers a number of leveling kits that start at $159.99 for truck brands such as Ford, GMC and Chevy. At the high end, ReadyLift’s leveling kits price out at about $250.

Frequently asked questions about leveling kits

If you are interested in leveling kits, then chances are that you have some questions about them. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about leveling kits.

Does a leveling kit affect the warranty of my truck?

In most cases, a leveling kit will not affect the warranty on your truck. However, you will want to double check the warranty on your truck before making any purchase.

Can I install the leveling kit myself?

If you have some knowledge on aftermarket truck installation and the correct tools for install, then you should have no problem installing a leveling kit on your own. Always keep in mind that any suspension modifications do require an alignment so professional installation and alignment is highly recommended.

Does a leveling kit affect ride quality or comfort?

A leveling kit should have no adverse effect on the ride quality or comfort of your truck.

Will leveling kits fit all trucks?

There are some model trucks that will not accommodate certain leveling kits. Therefore, it is important that you check the leveling kit to make sure that it can fit your truck.

Will a leveling kit affect towing or payload?

No. A leveling kit will have no affect on your truck’s payload or towing capability.

2019 Leveled Chevy Silverado 1500

6 inch Lift Kits

If you are looking to enhance the capability of your truck, then you will want to consider a lift kit. With a lift kit, you are raising your entire truck higher. One of the most popular lift kit options are the six inch lift kits. With six inch lift kits, you will have better ground clearance and better ability to handle off-road terrain.

How it looks different compared to a stock truck

Compared to a stock truck, both the front and the back of a truck with a leveling kit will appear at the same height. 

Benefits of a lift kit

With a lift kit, you can accommodate larger tires on your truck. In fact, you should have no issues putting 35-inch tires on your truck with a six-inch lift kit. Also, you will be better able to handle traversing large rocks thanks to the increased ground clearance. Also, a lifted truck can give you a better view of the road as well as better overall viability around the truck. Finally, a lift kit can give your truck more capability when it comes to through truck hazohouse road conditions such as snow, mud and standing water. 

Overview of parts involved

Since a lift kit involves raising the entire truck, there are significantly more parts involved than a leveling kit. Here’s a look at some of the typical parts included in a lift kit.

Strut spacers – Strut spacers bolt in between a coil top hat and strut mount on the chassis.

Coil spring spacers – Coil springs sit on top of the springs of a coil equipped vehicle.

Lift blocks – Lift blocks are used to raise the back end of your vehicle.

Front and rear shocks – The lift kit will come with front and rear shocks to better accommodate the more demanding off-road needs.

Rear leaf springs – Rear leaf springs are used to support the rear suspension.

Sway bar links – Sway bar links connect the outer part of the sway bar to the suspension component.

Tubular control arms  – Aftermarket tubular control arms are designed to be stronger than conventional factory suspension components. These components will enhance the cornering ability of the lifted trucks.

Brake line relocation brackets – Brake lines relation brackets will give you the length that you need to accommodate braking for the lifted truck.

Rear shackles – Rear shackles assist the rear leaf springs flex and run the suspension system.

Some lift kits may offer additional parts. Here’s a look at some of the additional parts that may be included in some lift kits.

  • Replacement trailing arms – To make sure that your vehicle is better equipped to handle the new design, some lift kits will include replacement trailing arms which are usually sturdier than OEM trailing arms.
  • Replacement control arms – Also, some lift kits will include replacement control arms which are usually sturdier than OEM control arms.

How much does a six inch lift kit cost?

A six inch lift system is going to cost more than a simple leveling system. However, the six inch lift system will give your truck significantly more capability than what is offered by a leveling system. Here’s a look at how much a six inch lift system costs.


BDS offers a number of six inch suspension lift kits. For instance, the 6-inch Collover Lift KIt for the 2007-2013 Chevy/GMC ½ Ton Truck is currently available for $3855.60. You can usually find high quality six-inch lift kits for anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 on BDS.

Rough Country

If you are looking for a great deal on 6-inch lift kits for Ford trucks, then you will want to check out the 6-inch Ford 4-Link Suspension Lift Kit. You can get this 6-inch suspension lift kit for $1,399.95 at Rough Country.


Looking for a 6-inch suspension lift kit for a Dodge? ReadyLift offers an excellent 6-inch Suspension Lift Kit for the Dodge/RAM 1500 for $2,249.95

Frequently asked questions about lift kit

Chances are that you have some questions when it comes to leveling kits and lift kits. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about these two aftermarket products

How much would it cost to have a lift kit installed?

A professional installer will charge anywhere from $1000-2000 as labor is more extensive. While leveling kits are relatively easy for you to install by yourself, you may want to consider professional installation for your lift kit.

Do you need a leveling kit with a lift kit to make a lift kit level?

In most cases, you don’t need a leveling kit because a lift kit will result in a perfectly level truck in front and back.

Does a truck require an alignment after it has been lifted?

It is generally a good idea to have your truck’s wheels aligned after it has been lifted.

Can a lift kit affect my warranty?

SEMA – the Specialty Equipment Market Association has a list of rights on how aftermarket equipment affects your warranty. In short, a car manufacturer would have to prove that the aftermarket equipment caused the issue to refuse a claim which can be up to their discretion.

How will a lift kit affect a truck’s stability?

Raising a truck will naturally raise the center of gravity of a truck. A great way to compensate for the lifted truck is to get taller and wider tires. As the saying goes, “The taller you go, the wider you will want to get.”

Can you lift an all-wheel-drive vehicle?

It is generally not recommended that you lift an all-wheel-drive vehicle. That is because a lifted all-wheel-drive vehicle will have vibration issues that will not be able to be corrected.

Can a lifted truck pull a fifth wheel trailer?

You should be able to pull a fifth trailer if your truck is lifted between two and four inches. It is recommended that you use a gooseneck trailer hitch with a lifted truck.

Can I get financing for a lift kit?

Many aftermarket sites will offer financing for lift kits. Be sure to check the sales page. There is usually an option for you to finance your purchase.

What other adjustments are needed to my truck after the lift kit is installed?

After the lift kit is installed, you will likely need larger tires and wheels. Also, you will need someone to recalibrate your truck’s computer.

Will lifting a truck affect its resale value?

While lifting a truck will not necessarily affect its resale value, it will reduce the number of people who are interested in a truck since lifted trucks have a more limited appeal than conventional trucks.

2019 Chevy Silverado Lifted 6 Inches

Which one is best for me?

So which one of these aftermarket kits is best for your truck? Here’s a look at the benefits of each of these kit types:

Consider a leveling kit:

  • You want to enhance the look of your truck
  • You want to accommodate larger tires
  • You do not intend to take your truck off-road much
  • You are looking to spend less than $300 on parts and less than $1,000 on installation
  • You intend to install the kit yourself

Consider a lift kit:

  • You want to enhance the look of your truck
  • You want to accommodate larger tires
  • You are looking to take your truck off road and want more ground clearance
  • You don’t mind spending more than $500 on your kit
  • You have extensive experience in aftermarket parts installation or you are willing to have your kit professionally installed.

Next steps

Now that you know the basics of leveling kits and lift kits, it’s time to take that next step and do a little shop. Be sure you know whether you want a lift kit or a leveling kitFrom there, figure which type of lift kit or leveling kit that you would like. After that, make sure that the kit is compatible for your vehicle. Finally, make sure you are buying from a top dealer that offers a warranty for the kit and make your purchase. Soon, your truck will have a lifted or level look that stands out.

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